How to clean your lenses - Blue light glasses

How to clean your lenses - Blue light glasses

Looking after your lenses is very important and often neglected job as a glasses wearer. 

Its important to prevent glare as light with reflect of the scratches causing glare and can be particularly troublesome whilst driving from oncoming headlights. 

It can also be a nuisance when using a computer screen as the light from the computer screen will cause glare when reflecting off the scratch. 

The location of the scratch will have a big impact as to whether you notice any visual disturbances as a very central scratch will obviously be much more noticeable that one in the periphery. 

Apart from the visual issues a scratch can cause it doesn't look cosmetically appealing. If the scratch is deep enough it can be seen by the naked eye or the glare from the scratch can be seen by other directly or in photos. The performance of one's glasses is paramount, but having poorly maintained glasses can also work to detract from one's other accommodations towards better style and aesthetics presentation.

It is very difficult to try to treat a scratch once it appears so the best thing is to try to prevent them occurring in the first place. 

Getting an anti blue light coating on your glasses that include scratch resistant and anti reflective properties is a good first step. 

Scratch resistant does not mean that scratches cannot occur but it does reduce the chances of them occurring. 

It is important to carry your glasses in your glasses case as much as possible for protection. 

When placing your glasses on a surface always make sure to fold the arms and leave them down on the arms rather than with the lens surface directly against a potentially abrasive surface. 

To clean your lenses the best thing is to run the lenses under warm water with a touch of washing up liquid. Run under warm water again to remove the lather and try with a cloth. 

It is very important to use a microfibre cloth as other cloths can have abrasive qualities and can actually cause minor scratches. 

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