Anti Reflective Coatings

Anti Reflective Coatings- Blue Light Glasses

When buying glasses online you will be presented with the option of buying standard lenses or buying lenses with an anti-reflective coating. 

An anti-reflective coating acts by reducing reflection of light and when used in prescription glasses has the effect of allowing more light through which improves visual proformance. The more light that gets through to the eye the better the vision. 

Other benefits to consider when choosing whether to buy anti reflective coatings for your prescription glasses is that it cuts down on reflections from lights such as oncoming headlights whilst driving at night or the glare from a computer screen. 

It also cuts down on the glare off the lenses when someone is looking at your glasses on you or in a photograph so it looks much better cosmetically.

A study available here demonstrates the benefits of anti reflective coatings. 

A UV protective coating is another coating that is recommended to protect the eyes. 





At Sapphire Eyewear all our prescription and non-prescription glasses come with anti blue light lenses as standard. You can check out our collection of blue light glasses here

Our blue light glasses come with a 14 day return period if you are not 100% happy with your glasses.