Sapphire Eyewear was born from the honeymoon in Zambia of Seamus Flynn and his wife Dr Dearbhaile Collins.

Seamus is an optician and Dearbhaile is a cancer doctor who spends a lot of time on computers researching cancer treatments. She had been developing eye tiredness and headaches and difficulty sleeping and it was not until they went on honeymoon and she took a break from her research, which resulted in an improvement of her symptoms, that they realised it was due to digital eye strain.

Seamus has been working as an optician for nearly 20 years now and noticed a huge increase in the number of complaints of digital eyestrain especially in the last 5 years or so due to the increasing amount of time we now spend looking at computers, tablets and smartphone so he set out to make anti-blue light protective glasses more available, accessible and affordable.

While Seamus and Dearbhaile were in Zambia, they were shocked to learn that Zambia has only 48 qualified opticians in the whole country, with a population of 16 million people. The public find it very difficult and expensive to access eye testing and suitable prescription eyewear. So he decided to give back to the people of this incredible country and as part of his new venture for every pair of glasses sold by Sapphire Eyewear, we will donate a pair of glasses to people in need in developing countries to help people in countries like Zambia to have access to appropriate eyewear.