How to choose the correct colour glasses

How to choose the correct colour glasses

Choosing the correct colour glasses - Blue light glasses

Once you have chosen the style of glasses you want the next most important choice is the colour. 

The colour you choose will depend on whether you want the glasses to be subtle and understated or if you want them to stand out and be loud and noticable! 

The trick is to match or contrast the glasses with your hair colour, eye colour or skin tones depending on the effect you are looking to create. 

Skin tone

Skin tone is usually classified into three categories, warm, cool and neutral. 

A cool skin tone has blue, pink undertones. The idea is to match the colour of your glasses with the undertone colours. Black, grey, purple, blue and pink coloured frames compliment cool tones.

Warm skin tones have yellow and green undertones. Similar cool colours such as grey, pink, blue, purple and black colours work best with this skin tone. 


Eye Colour

The colour of frames to choose in relation to your eye colour depends on whether you are going for an understated or subtle look that blends into your eye colour or whether you are looking to make a statement and stand out with vibrant risque colours. 

For the understated look the idea is to match the colour of the glasses you choose with your eye colour. 

For the extroverted, vibrant look the idea is to contrast the colour of your eyes but most importantly to use complimentary colours. 

Green Eyes

To match green coloured eyes for an understated look its worth trying brown and gold coloured frames. 

To contrast green coloured eyes for a stand out look pink and purple coloured frames are a great option. 

 Blue Eyes

To match blue coloured eyes, blue and grey coloured glasses are a great result for a neutral look. For a more striking look you could choose brown and tortoiseshell acetates as a contrast.

Hazel Eyes

For those with hazel eyes looking for a blended look deep green and gray coloured glasses are smart options. To contrast, their complimentary volours yellow and gold for a head turning look are good colours to consider. 

Brown Eyes

For brown coloured eyes try tortoiseshell gold or green colours to achieve an understated look or purple or cobalt blue colours to stand out and make a statement. 

Gray Eyes

Gray colour eyes are rare but as a neutral colour it leave many options for both matching and contrasting. 

For an understated look gray, black, white and brown are great options. To get the wow effect dark green or electric blue will be sure to give a pop and stand out from the crowd. 

Hair Colour

Hair colour follow the same principles of skin tone and eye colour in that to create a neutral look its better to match the hair colour with the colour of the frames and use contrasting but complimentary colours to create a stand out effect. 

Black hair

Black haired people can achieve an understated blended look by choosing black or brown frames. 

To stand out and make a statement bright vibrant colours such as purple and amber colours really add a risque but fun look. 

Red hair

Yellow, white, tawny-orange and transparent frame colours match well with 

red hair to give a neutral subtle look. Bold frames and clubmaster frames usually work quite well also. 

For a head turning look try blue or green frames that contrast the red hair colour nicely and are complimentary colours.

Blond hair

Neutral glasses colours that suits blond hair include tortoise, dark brown and beige. These glasses will blend in nicely with the hair colour and be only minimally noticable. 

Brown hair

For an understated blended look tortoise shell and frames with warm earthy tones such as amber and orange work really well. 

Kelly green and pale blues are cooler colors that contrast nicely with the warmth of brown and are good options for frame colours that standout.  


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