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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can choose the “non-prescription” option below the “select lenses” section on the product page. 

The lenses will have no power but will have the blue light filtering lenses to help reduce eyestrain and tired eyes whilst using digital devices

Yes, we do single vision prescription glasses. The only prescription glasses we don’t do are bifocals and varifocals which are glasses with different focal points for distance and reading. 

Whilst some other online providers do provide these glasses we don’t as they require a measurement to be taken and that varies depending on how the glasses sit on the nose of the customer. Providing bifocals and varifocals without an accurate measurement of this value will result in sub optimal vision and is something we could not stand over. 

We choose our frames to suit over 90% of face shapes and sizes but there are some variances of widths so we have compiled a fitting guide to help. We have listed the frames from narrowest to widest and have included a guide based on face shapes.

Our glasses are made of material that is easily adjusted so if they are a little too big or too small the arms can be placed in a bowl of warm water and adjusted manually if needed. 

Absolutely not, the non-prescription glasses have no power but do have the anti blue light filter lenses so they will not affect your vision negatively but will help relieve eyestrain and tired eyes. 

Yes they can. Blue light from screens can reduce the production of melatonin (a sleep hormone) and disrupt sleep patterns.

If you are using a digital screen within an hour or two of bedtime we recommend that you were blue light glasses to prevent this reduction in melatonin and ensure a good nights sleep. 

Yes, you can wear the glasses both indoors and outdoors but the biggest benefits you will get from them is to use them whilst using digital devices.

We offer free worldwide shipping and free exchanges and returns within 14 days of receiving the glasses. 

See each individual page for more details.