How to choose your blue light glasses

How to choose your blue light glasses

Everyone has there own personal style and this is often reflected in their choice of eyewear. 
When you choose a pair of blue light glasses you expect this essential accessory to reflect your personality and your lifestyle.
Hence the importance of taking the time to choose your glasses carefully, taking into account your visual correction, your face shape, your lifestyle and your personality. 
Here are some useful tips to help you choose your computer glasses.


Each face has a frame that suits best.
It is important to choose a frame that accentuates your strong features, demonstrate your personality and hides any imperfections. 


What anti blue light glasses suit your face best? 
For a square or rectangular face
The frames that will suit you best are the large oval models with rounded contours that soften your features. In this case its best to go with thin frames, which will visually lengthen your face. Avoid angular, rectangular or square glasses and small frames.

When choosing computer glasses it is important to get the balance right between the face shape and frame dimensions. For example, avoid heavy frames on a light silhouette, frames with rounded, square, oval or "butterfly" angles. The angular glasses with wide contours give round faces a little “intellectual” look. Metal or brightly colored frames will draw attention to your eyes, nose and mouth.

For a round face
You have the choice between accentuating this shape with thin and round frames, or on the contrary attenuating it with frames with rounded, square, oval or "butterfly" angles. The angular glasses with wide contours give round faces a little "intellectual" look. Metal or brightly colored frames will draw attention to your eyes, nose and mouth.


Watch out for colours that change your complexion, even with very thin frames. Pink, mauve or burgundy shades give good looks, unlike yellow, green, anise or orange. The light shades distributed softly and illuminate the face, while the earthy shades give a serious, even austere, side.

80% of the population have an oval or elongated face
As a result, most colours will suit with the exception, however, of frames that protrude laterally from the face and cause an imbalance in the proportions. 

For a triangular or hexagonal face
To reduce the thinness of the chin and the width of the forehead, choose thin glasses that will highlight the vertical features of the face. Rimless glasses will suit you in particular, as well as the slightly curved frames on the upper edge and more oval on the lower edge. Conversely, very round or angular glasses are particularly not recommended.

In summary
YES to the extended blue light blocking glasses glasses that re-balance the narrowness of the chin,
YES to all the original forms, butterfly, rhombus,
NO to thick or too rounded frames.

Some basic rules
Eyebrow design plays an important role in facial expression, so glasses should follow the eyebrow line. The frame must partially hide them without them appearing through the lenses.
The frames must in no case touch the face, even during a laugh!

So there are two things to watch out for:
> The width of the nose and the nose bridge. 
It is this that will also determine the height of the frame on the face.
> The power of the glasses will determine their thickness. Comfort and aesthetics will flow directly from this.

Over 1000 brands are competing for the eyewear market today. With the seasons and the fashions, the brands compete in uniquness to offer you an ever wider choice of frames that best meet your expectations. Glasses are fashion accessories in their own right, glasses transform your visual defect into a real asset. Be careful not to neglect the comfort of your frames.

> The different types of frame

Plastic frames (cellulose acetate)
They combine comfort and lightness. More imposing and more visible than the other frames, they transform their size into advantage, offering an infinite diversity of finishes and colors.

Metal frames
They have been around for over a century. They offer very beautiful finishes: brushed or shiny metal, cut out, two-color…

Titanium frames
They increasingly appeal to spectacle wearers. Comfortable, flexible and light, they are also hypoallergenic.

Aluminum frames
They are extremely light and of incomparable resistance, especially to oxidation.

Stainless steel frames
They are robust and very light. They offer a wide range of aesthetic possibilities and resist oxidation.

For children
The shape memory alloy frames are often good choices, they are more flexible and more resistant.

The lighter your hair
the more intense your frame should be.

The darker your hair
the clearer your frame should be.

At Sapphire Eyewear our optican is available 7 days a week to advise on the best glasses to suit your face shape.
You can choose from a wide range of blue light glasses of various colour shape and style.