How to remove scratches from your blue light glasses

How to remove scratches from your blue light glasses

Seamus Flynn Optometrist
Written by Seamus Flynn, Optometrist


There are few things in life as frustrating as getting a scratch on your blue light glasses lenses especially if the scratch is in the centre of the lens and obscures your vision.

If you get a good quality lens with a Multi-Anti Reflective (MAR) coating that includes a scratch resistance coating along with your anti blue light coating then you will be less likely to get a scratch in the first place.

These scratch resistant coatings do not mean “scratch proof” and they can still scratch but not as easily as with non-coated or poorer quality lenses.

If you do get a scratch on your blue light glasses lenses we recommend that you get a new replacement lens.

There are however a few “hacks” that you can try, to remove or reduce scratches but we only recommend doing this on non-coated lenses so as you will get on over the counter reading glasses. The reason for this is that these techniques can damage coated lenses

  • Toothpaste

Toothpaste is not just useful for your pearly whites they also can be used to remove scratches from your glasses lenses. Its important to use a toothpaste that has a low RDA rating (abrasive rating) and to avoid any toothpaste that has microbeads or similar particles as they would make the scratches worse.

Apply a small amount of toothpaste with a microfiber cloth and buff the scratches until they disappear. For deeper scratches this will have to be repeated a few times.

  •  Metal Polish and Rubbing Alcohol

Although it sounds unusual to use metal polish on a non-metal surface like lenses it is actually a really good remedy to remove scratches.

Again using a metal polish with a low RDA rating is important and the scratches are removed by buffing the scratches with the metal polish, using a clean microfiber cloth. When you are finished buffing it is important to apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to give the lens a nice finish.

  • Baking soda

Baking soda is an ingredient that is found in nearly every kitchen and has a variety of uses, one of which is to remove scratches from lenses.

Apply a small amount of water to baking soda, just enough to form a paste. Then buff the scratches in the lens until it removes the scratches. This must be repeated a few times for deeper scratches.

  • Car cleaning wax

If you are a car enthusiast you may have some car cleaning wax hanging around the house. This is perhaps the most well know hack to remove scratches from lenses.                                                                                                    Using only a very small amount of the wax, work it into the scratch on your glasses using a microfibre cloth. Buff the scratch out until it is no longer visible and it will help fill out and smooth over any marks.

  • Glass etching method

This method is a little different from the others in the fact that you don’t buff out the marks. It is very important not to do that with this method as it will make the scratches much worse. Place the etching solution on the scratch and leave it on the scratch for five minutes. Carefully remove the solution after five minutes being careful not to buff the scratch or leave the solution on any longer.

 remove scratches glasses infographic

How to prevent scratches on your lenses

The best way to prevent scratches on your glasses is to always put them in a hard case to protect them. A hard case will ensure that other objects do not rub against the lenses causing scratches.                                   Another common cause of scratches on your lenses is when glasses are left face down on a hard surface. Always place the glasses with the lenses facing up.                                                                      

It is important to always use the correct cloth to clean your glasses. If an abrasive cloth such as a tissue is used it can cause minor scratches on the lenses which weaken the lens over time and make them susceptible to larger deeper scratches. It is best to always use a good quality microfiber cloth and to clean your lenses at regular intervals. Using lens solutions is also a good idea to keep the front surface of your lenses in good condition.

Touching your lenses is another common cause of scratches. Its best to avoid touching the lenses completely if possible. The best way to avoid this is to hold your glasses at the temples. This will ensure that the front surface of your lenses are not subjected to unnecessary damage that can lead to scratches.

The best way to prevent scratches is to have a good quality scratch resistant coating alongside your anti blue light coating. A scratch resistant coating does not mean that scratches cannot occur but they are far less likely. The saying prevention is better than cure is certainly apt when it comes to preventing scratches on your lenses.

Why is it important to prevent scratches on your lenses?                                                                                      

If you have a scratch on your lens it acts as a medium to reflect glare into your eye. Light should pass directly through your lens but if it hits a scratch on your lens the light will refract off the scratch and cause the wearer to experience glare which can be debilitating at times.

If a scratch is centrally located on the lens it is possible to see the scratch which can obstruct your vision and prevent you seeing clearly. The reflection that it causes is also not cosmetically appealing and can even be noticed by people looking at you and can appear as reflections on photographs.


In summary the best thing to do regarding scratches is to get a good anti scratch on your glasses along with your anti blue light coating. This will minimise the chances of getting scratches.

The methods described above to remove scratches should only be preformed on uncoated lenses such as over the counter reading glasses as it will damage the coatings in coated lenses.

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