What are bifocals? Blue Light Glasses

What are bifocals? Blue Light Glasses

When we get to our forties the cilary muscle that controls our crystalline lens weakens which results in our lens having difficulty focusing on objects up close. 

This is something that happens to everyone regardless of whether they are habitual glasses wearers but the age at which it occurs can vary. 

Its results in a person having two different prescriptions, one for distance (which could be zero prescription power) and one for reading. 

One option is to get one pair of glasses for distance and one pair for reading. The problem with this option is that whilst the reading glasses the vision is very clear up close if you look in the distance with them it will be very blurry and you would either have to take them off or look over the top of the frames or pop on a pair of distance glasses to see clearer in the distance.

One method to avoid this problem is to wear a pair of bifocals. 

Bifocal glasses have the distance prescription at the top of the lens and a small reading segment towards the bottom of the lens. 

The pupil position at the lens is measured to make sure that when the person is looking straight ahead they are looking through the distance prescription. 

The bottom of the eyelid is also measured on the lens and the reading segment placed below this point so that when the wearer reads something their eyes will drop down and they will be now looking through the reading portion of the lens. 

This is a very convenient option but has a few drawbacks also. 

The harsh jump from the distance to the reading prescription can be difficult to get used to and can cause difficult when walking up or down stairs or for example when stepping off the pavement. 

The reading segment is also visible and for some people is not very cosmetically appealing. 

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