How to Order

Quick step by step video guide


Once you choose your glasses style you have three options regarding the lenses.

The options are "No Prescription", "Ready Readers" and "Prescription".

If you don't wear glasses normally and have normal 20/20 vision choose "no prescription" and click "add to cart". Your lenses will not have any power but will come with the blue light blocking lenses.

If you use over the counter glasses for reading choose the magnification power that you normally use or pop into your local pharmacy to test the power you need. Hold some reading material at the same distance away as your laptop or PC is usually away from you.

If you use prescription glasses please upload your prescription file or send a picture of it via text message or WhatsApp to +353860701519.

The prescription must be no more than than 2 years old. If you have any questions regarding your prescription or the order process in general please call our optician Seamus on the above number and he will talk you through the steps in detail.