What is Blue Light?


What is Blue Screen Light?

Blue light emitted from digital devices such as computer screens,

laptops and smart phones have been shown to cause eyestrain,

tired eyes and even affect sleep. The more time we spend on

these devices the more susceptible we are to these symptoms.

Using glasses that block the blue wavelengths of light protect our

eyes from the effects of prolonged exposure to screens.

The Evidence


Numerous studies have been carried out that link blue light emitted from digital screen to DES (digital eye strain) and sleep disturbances.  

Examples of studies


The Science





Blue Light or HEV (high energy visible light) is of the order of 350-500nm.

This has a shorter wavelength than visible light and is close to the UV spectrum.

Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to these wavelengths, which are emitted from digital devices can cause symptoms of eyestrain, headaches and interrupt sleep patterns.

It is thought that excessive exposure to this light range can also cause retinal damage or macular degeneration but recent studies show that it is unlikely that you would get enough exposure from a digital device to cause this.

In general, in order to avoid such exposure that can cause digital eye strain it is recommended to protect your eyes from these wavelengths of light if you use digital devices regularly.